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Planning to Planting

Garden Improvements, Pruning & Care
Mulching for healthier garden beds
Weed spraying & Fertilising
Pest & Disease control
Shrub & Hedge pruning
Tree pruning & shaping

Growing to Mowing

Lawn Mowing, Improvements & Care
Slashing & Mulching
Lawn Coring
Turf Laying and Maintenance
Mickey Mouse edging
Weed spraying and Fertilising
Pest control
Top Dressing for healthier lawns
Sprinkler repairs

Designing to Delivering

Soft Landscaping Services
New Gardens/Lawns
Restoration and Rejuvenation of old gardens
Create beautiful garden beds
Designer planting
Informative advice

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Bakers Garden Care helps you to plan innovative designs to your needs and specifications. We provide you with a VIP (One on One) customer service guarantee.
Done the Right time Every time! Your time is just to valuable to be spent gardening!

Bakers Garden and Lawn Care offers the most comprehensive range of gardening services